How To Keep The Softness Of Felt

- May 13, 2019-


The products produced by felt manufacturers are widely used. Many people will find that the felt is no longer soft in the process of use, especially after a long period of use, it can be clearly seen in appearance. So how to keep the soft of the felt?

When the surface appears wool ball, it is usually caused by friction. We need to use scissors to cut it off in time. Let it rest after a period of time, so that it has time to breathe, thereby restoring its natural elasticity. Another important point is that we have to maintain it regularly, so as to keep the felt soft in appearance and touch for a long time. In winter, we should pay attention to waterproofing. The felt is easy to freeze when it encounters water, which causes harm to it to a certain extent and makes it no longer soft.

In addition, in the process of processing, felt will be subjected to a variety of tension, crimping, torsion and other external forces, which will change the original state of the fiber, which we should also pay attention to.