How To Maintain The Hair Felt Bag 2

- Jun 28, 2018-

Always use high quality soft fur to brush the surface dust to keep the felt color and appearance of felt. Blankets should be rested periodically so that wool fibers have time to breathe and restore natural properties. Wool fiber has a natural anti fouling property, but if it is not contaminated with dirt, please use semi dry towel to avoid any traces. Do not wash the felt stains with warm, hot water or bleach. If you want to knead, please do it gently so that the quality of the felt will be damaged. If the surface of the ball is produced by friction, it can be trimmed directly by small scissors, and it will not affect the appearance of felt bags. When you collect it, please clean it and dry it completely and seal it well. Wash it in cold water when washing. Bleach and other chemical agents should not be used for bleaching. Only select pure wool logo and neutral detergent without bleach. Use hand washing as far as possible, do not use washing machines, so as not to damage the appearance. When you wash, you should gently press the dirty part, and do not rub it with a brush. Washing with shampoo and moisturizing agent can reduce the phenomenon of hair lifting. After cleaning, try to hang the felt bag in the ventilating place and dry it naturally. If you want to dry, you must use low temperature drying, high temperature will cause deformation or even burnt.