How To Pick Up And Buy Carpet

- Oct 01, 2020-

1. Plan room function, do a good job of saving money purchase plan, before choosing carpet, medicine plan the specific situation of the house in your home, choose different materials of carpet for different rooms, reduce the damage of carpet in the process of use, prolong the service life of carpet, and fundamentally save money and practical. If there are children's families, should choose corrosion-resistant, pollution-resistant, easy to clean, dark color of synthetic fiber woven carpet; the room with a large flow of people should choose high-quality, high-density, and wear-resistant tufted velvet carpet.

2. According to the room function choice decoration carpet, the room different function, the carpet selection also has the difference. If the carpet of bedroom, want to have warm atmosphere, should pay attention to the place of carpet, can lay pink carpet, just can appear bedroom warm and romantic. The living room is the place to receive guests, is the face project at home, the flow of people is relatively large, you need to choose heavy and wear-resistant carpet, and to meet the overall interior decoration style.

3. Planning carpet laying area to reduce procurement waste, usually bedroom furnishings are relatively simple, full carpet can be used. Dining room uses single carpet, and can cover 70-80% of the area. Because the dining room generally places tables and chairs for dining, the chairs are placed under the table when not eating, and the chairs are pulled out when dining, so the size of the carpet should consider the chairs pulled out. Carpet is placed in the door, generally appropriate to lay a small size carpet or pad, both beautify the home, but also has the role of household cleaning. If the living room area is not big, should choose the carpet that area is slightly bigger than tea table.

4. Carpet selection and style matching, when choosing carpet, do not like because of carpet design and color, buy back and style is not suitable, carpet is not used, causing waste. Therefore, when buying carpets, we must consider the decoration style of the house and choose the appropriate carpet.

Selection method: several main colors in the room are taken as the color elements of carpet, which is simple and accurate. After ensuring the uniform harmony of color, the pattern and style are determined. In this way, it won't be wasted because of different styles.

5. Pay attention to the back of carpet

When buying carpets, take time to study the hand work on the back of the carpet. Some carpets on the back of the hand is too rough, placed on the ground may scratch the ground. It is recommended to buy Carpet bottoms made of cotton or canvas. Otherwise, if you buy a carpet and scrape the floor tiles in your house, you will lose more than you gain!