- Jan 02, 2019-

How to prepare your JOOLTOOL FELT WHEEL for first-time use on the JOOLTOOL Polishing & Finishing System. STEPS: 1- Peel the protective film from the back of the FELT WHEEL to expose the adhesive. 2- Apply your new JOOLTOOL FELT WHEEL onto a blank NINJA BACKPAD (Hard Backing Disc) by matching the slots/fins on the FELT to the slots/fins on the BACKPAD 3- Stick any abrasive to a flat block of wood or metal. You can also use your 3M CERAMIC CUBITRON - PURPLE disc of coarse grit mounted on a BACKPAD or any flat sanding block. 4- Turn On your JOOLTOOL.5- Apply even and consistent pressure onto the FELT DISC with the flat sanding block you made (or the 3M CERAMIC CUBITRON - PURPLE disc) to flatten/smooth & even out the felt fibers.6- Apply a heavy dose of your JOOLTOOL COMPOUND onto the FELT DISC to saturate & treat the felt fibers. 7- Firmly press a flat piece of metal against the saturated FELT DISC to embed the compound into the felt fibers. 8- Enjoy polishing with your long-lasting FELT WHEEL! See our website for complete info on all products used: HTTP://WWW.ARFLY.COM