How Wool Felts Of Different Shapes Form

- May 16, 2019-

Different shapes of wool felt need to adopt a more professional construction method to ensure the quality. Because of the different planning of anti-skid products in each use area, it is necessary to adopt a more professional manufacturing method to ensure the quality. In view of this aspect, it is pointed out that, first of all, it is necessary to pay more attention to the professional construction method of this equipment for each operation and construction of business.

Wool - Screening (Picking Out the Skin in Wool) - Opening (Opening Up the Purchased Wool) - Cleaning (Extracting Impurities) - Carbonization - Drying or Drying - Carding (Treated by Carding Machine) - Netting (Rolling Wool into Net) - Rubbing (Rubbing Wool by Flat Machine) - Rolling (Hardness of Making Felt) - Shrinking (Felt Density Treatment) - Extruding (Felt by Felting Machine) Felt treatment smoothing) - felt (secondary treatment of felt density and cross force) - bleaching (adjusting the color of felt to customer requirements generally about 6 hours) - drying - quality inspection - drying - high temperature setting - anti-mowing treatment - felt block products or mat - felt strips and other wool felt products - quality inspection - storage.

Because of the importance of felt products in each anti-skid link, we need to adopt a more professional purchasing method to ensure quality. First of all, for wool-proof products with different shapes, because of the role of the product in the whole operation process, we need a very standard size model to regulate the whole operation process, so we give you the above. With the relevant introduction, it is necessary to unify every operator's attention.