How Felt Fabrics are Used

- Aug 23, 2017-

Felt fabrics come in varied colors, length, thicknesses and width depending what it is intended for. As a matted fabric, it is specifically used for lining and padding because it can get extremely thick and dense. Because its edges are often un-woven, felt can be cut without worrying about its threads getting loose or the fiber becoming unraveled. Felt fibers tend to absorb dye very well and crafted felt fabrics are easily available in varied colors even as industrial grade fabrics are typically left in their natural form. Felt has numerous applications within industrial and residential contexts. It is often used in kid’s bulletin boards, air fresheners, holiday costumes, decorations and craft kits. It is also used to make stamp pads, gaskets, in appliances, clothing liner or stiffener as well as cushions among others.