How To Clean Felt 1

- Aug 16, 2017-

Felt, which is made of wool, is a very durable fabric when it’s dry. However, felt becomes very vulnerable when wet and it needs special care during cleaning to avoid being damaged. Whether your felt is dirty with dry debris or you’re working with spillage and staining, specific measures need to be taken to ensure the longevity and safety of the fabric during the cleaning process.

 Allow spillage to dry before cleaning. Whether the issue is food crumbs, dirt, mud or any other non-       staining spillage, it must be allowed to dry before proceeding.If you attempt to clean the item before the spillage has dried, the substance will likely get ground into the fibers of the felt, making clean up far more difficult.

  • Doing this could also result in ruining your felt item completely.

  • If you suspect that the spillage will cause a stain, immediately skip to the spot cleaning and hand washing methods.

  • Stains must be addressed promptly for successful removal from felt.

  • to air-dry before using or wearing your felt item.

  • Do not air-dry in direct sunlight because this can damage the fabric.

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