How to Felt Soap

- Aug 25, 2017-

1. Start with some good handmade soap, available often at a local crafty farmer's market or craft store.

2. Cut the nylons up and knot them at one end to make a nylon stocking bag.

3.Start wrapping the soap with wool roving. Try to wrap up the whole soap.

* If the kids are doing it, resist the urge to step in and do it right for them. Keep your hands off and let them do it, offering a few tips if necessary. The kids might not do it perfectly. The wool wrap might be a little loose. You might end up with a few thin spots in the wool felt. Remember, it will be their soap, their project, and their feeling of accomplishment. You'll be surprised at how great they turn out (the soap and the kids.)

4.Take the wool wrapped soap and put it in the nylon stocking. You can hold the stocking open while the child puts it in.

5. Get the soap wet in warm water, as warm as is comfortable to a child's hand. 

6.Have them rub it around gently in their hands first, working up to firmer and firmer rubbing. You can take the soap long enough to show them how to flip the soap around in their hands, but otherwise, keep your adult hands off. This will take awhile. Encourage them and keep them rubbing and rubbing and rubbing, using more and more consistent hand pressure. This is really good for them and the messy suds are fun.

7.Check the progress after 10 or 15 minutes.

8. When they really can't stand to sit there and do it any more, take the bars out and be done with it.

9. Lay them out in a sunny spot to dry.

10.Don't worry about the imperfections. Thin spots or unevenly felted spots. They're beautiful just as they are. These are like nice little scrubbing mitts. When the soap is all gone and fully rinsed out, you can then use the leftover felt to make a pouch, or in some other project.