How to Make a Computer Case

- Aug 24, 2017-

  1. Find an old sweater. The stretchier, the better. You should also find some ribbon

  2. Turn the sweater inside out. Line up the bottom edges

  3. Place your laptop on the sweater. Make sure that the edge of the sweater extends beyond the edge of the laptop.

  4. Use chalk or a pencil to trace around the sides and bottom of laptop. Sew about 1?2 inch (1.3 cm) inside each line (3 sides).

  5. Trim off the excess material.

  6. Turn the sweater right-side out. Slide in the laptop. Make adjustments if the case is too loose

  7. Turn the sweater inside out again. Sew a piece of ribbon about an inch down from the opening on each side.

  8. Slide the laptop in, tie the ribbon, and enjoy your new laptop case!