How to Make a Diaper Candy Holder Favor

- Aug 26, 2017-

  1. Select a fabric. Thicker ones work best, like felt or fleece. Choose one that fits the theme of your shower or the gender of the baby, if known. You can figure on making 3 diapers with every square foot (0.1 square meter) of fabric, if you use the same size as listed below.

  2. Create a pattern. Cut out an equilateral triangle of 6 inches (15.25 cm) on each side. This will result in a diaper that is about 2.5" (6.35 cm) wide. If you're not sure exactly how big you want the final product, you can use paper towels to create test patterns. Fold them using the directions below until you are sure you have the right size. Then, measure a triangle of the same dimensions on a sturdier material, such as cardboard.

  3. Cut the fabric. Trace the pattern on the back side of the fabric and cut it out. Cut carefully so the edges are smooth.

  4. Fold the diaper. Lay the triangle down with one side parallel to you and one point at the bottom. If only one side of the fabric is patterned, lay it that side down.

    * Fold the bottom point upward so it overlaps with the top side slightly.

    * Fold each side point inward to create overlap.

        * Tuck the remaining tip, at the top, behind the newly folded sides. Secure it all with a safety pin.

        * Tuck the corners inward to create "leg holes".

  5.  Fill the diaper with candy. See the top of this page for the picture.