How to Make a Felt Hair Bow

- Aug 31, 2017-

  1.  Prepare the felt pieces first. Cut out two round pieces of felt. Make one piece a little smaller than the other. The circle sizes depend on how large you'd like the bow to be, but a good size would be about 10cm or 4 inches diameter.

  2. Place the large circle down on the work surface. Put the smaller circle on top of it.

  3. Pinch at the center. Take both fingers and pull inward from both edges of the top and bottom of the circle. This will cinch the bow shape together. Stitch it to hold permanently.

  4. Glue a hair clip or barrette slide to the back of the bow. Cut a length of ribbon and glue along the exposed clip, to cover it and make the clip more comfortable against the head when worn. Allow to set before adding the next features.

  5. Cut a length of black velvet ribbon. Fold it into a bow with long tails.

  6. Glue the black velvet ribbon bow to the center join of the felt bow. Allow to dry.

    * If you like, the ribbon can be tied around the center, over the clip piece, for added strength.

  7. Remove the shank from the button that will form the bow's centerpiece. Use pliers to snap it off. Glue the button to the dead center of the felt bow, on top of the center of the black velvet ribbon bow. Allow to dry.

  8. Done. The felt bow is now ready to wear and enjoy.