How to Make a Felt iPod Case

- Sep 06, 2017-

  1. Cut out two pieces of following rectangle pattern suitable for your iPod size; cut out a small white rectangle, two larger eyeballs and two smaller eyeballs and a hollow circle.Cut felt patterns

  2. Fix the eyeballs onto the small white rectangle by gluing as pic shows.

  3. Draw music control buttons on the hollow circle with a pen.

  4. Embroider the control buttons along each tracing to make them apparent.

  5. Sew the clicker ring to the front or half piece of the body felt of the iPod.

  6. Embroider the smiling lip just below the eyeballs.

  7. Then glue or sew the small rectangle with eyeballs just above the hollow clicker ring.

  8. Sew the two pieces of rectangle with blanket stitches; leave the head side open.It will look like this below.

  9. Cut out a felt strip; sew it at one side of the unstitched opening.

  10. Add a button and tassel. Sew a button at the back of the case; make a button hole on the top of the strip.

  11. Add a tassel for decoration.

  12. Finished.