How to Make a Felt Phone Case

- Aug 24, 2017-

1. Make your template on a sheet of paper and cut it out. Trace your phone onto a sheet of paper. Draw a rectangle around your phone, leaving 1 centimeter (0.4 in) space on all sides. When you are done, cut the rectangle out.

  • If your phone is very thick, you may need more than 1 centimeter (0.4 in) of extra space.

2. Trace your template twice onto a sheet of felt, and cut the felt out. This will be enough to make a front and back for your phone. If you'd like to make a lining for your phone, trace the template two more times onto a different felt color.

  • To make a flap that closes over your phone, cut one of the rectangles a few inches longer. How much longer you cut it depends on how large you want the flat to be. For an extra touch, cut the flap at a curve

3. Consider adding some embellishments. Glue or sew on buttons or other felt shapes to make your case more interesting. If you added a flap, you may want to add a button to the front of your case, and a button hole in the flap so that you can open and close it.

  • Layer different felt shapes and make your case look like your favorite character or animal.

4.Pin the pieces of felt together along the bottom and sides. If you added any designs, keep them on the outside. The phone case will have the seams on the outside.

  • If you added a flap, make sure that the bottom edges match up.

5.Slide your phone inside and adjust the fit. You want the case to have a snug fit. Move the pins around until the case fits snugly around your phone. Once you have the fit you like, take your phone out and set it aside

6. Sew the bottom and the sides of the case, using the pins as a guide. You can match the thread color to the felt, or use a contrasting color. For a more interesting look, use two lines of stitching on each side. Remove the pins as you sew.

  • To make a strap for your case: cut a piece of ribbon, and fold it into a loop. Pin the cut ends to the upper left or right corner, between the two pieces of felt. Sew right over it as you stitch around the case.

7. Trim the seams, if necessary. Depending on how thick your phone is, you may have very wide seams. For a clean look, trim the seams down to 2 millimeters from the stitching.For a more interesting look, trim the seams using pinking shears.

8. Slide your phone into the case. Because of how soft your case it, it will protect your phone against scratches and dents