How to Make a Felt Rosebud Pincushion

- Sep 01, 2017-

1. Cut the following shapes from the felt by tracing the outline of a bottle cap and measuring the rest of the pieces against it:

  • Red felt:

    • 1 circle the size of the bottle cap

    • 1 circle approximately twice the diameter of the bottle cap

    • 1 scalloped rectangle that is as long as the bottle cap is around and a little over twice as tall as the bottle cap's size

    • Petal strip

    • 5 additional petals in graduated sizes.

  • Green felt:

    • 4 dark green leaves (approximately 1/4th the width of the red rectangle above)

    • 4 light green leaves (approximately 1/4th the width of the red rectangle above)

2.Place the small red circle on the solid side of the bottle cap.

3. Wrap the large, long scalloped rectangle around the bottle cap and stitch the edge of the rectangle that is not scalloped to the perimeter of the small circle while it’s wrapped around the cap. You can use a gluestick to “tack” the pieces in place temporarily while you stitch if you want. When attached as instructed, the small circle and the rectangle should form a "cup" in which the bottle cap can fit snugly.

4. Stitch halfway up the edges of the rectangle together, only to the top of the bottle cap, leaving a slit between the end scallops.

5. Cut 3 slits down to the bottle cap lip in-between each felt scallop (first one will already be there, as it was the end of the rectangle originally). Set aside.

6. Gather the edge of the large felt circle using 1?8 to 1?4 inch (0.3 to 0.6 cm) stitches.The finished diameter needs to fit snugly into the center of the bottle cap opening. Fasten the ends of the thread securely and set aside.

7. Coil the petal strip, fastening it along the bottom edge with stitches in matching thread color.

8. Add the other petals (smaller ones first) to the outside of your petal coil. Stitch them in place.

9. Stitch your petal coil to the center of the large gathered circle.

10.Using a few pinches worth of batting, “stuff” the large gathered circle.

11. Place the stuffed gathered circle inside the bottle cap.

12.Stitch outside perimeter of the large gathered circle (with its petal coil attached) to the inside perimeter of the scalloped rectangle, just above the bottle cap.

13.Sew the leaves firmly to the bottom of the felt rosebud, alternating shades of green if you have them.

14. Use a single stitch of matching green thread to "tack" the four bottom leaves lightly to the sides of the rosebud to lift the leaves a little and give it a more "natural" look.