How to Make a Plantable Felt Garden Box

- Sep 02, 2017-

1.Paint box and add “dirt.” Cover the entire box with brown paint. Allow paint to dry completely and then add your “dirt.”

  • Make dirt out of poly-fil and the brown jersey cotton material. Cut material to fit the width of your box, fold in half and then stitch along the edge, leaving a small opening on one side.

  • Fill jersey with poly-fil and then close hole by hand stitching.

  • Place in the box (once the paint is dry) and continue adding/creating “dirt” until you’ve filled the box. You should have small “rows” in between “dirt pillows.”

2.Make carrots. Cut a large triangle from the orange felt and fold in half. Stitch along the bottom edge.

  • Cut out a circle to “top” your carrot, followed by a few green leaves from green felt. Sew leaves to the orange circle.

  • Stuff carrot with poly-fil and connect orange circle to the top of the carrot. Sew to close.

3.Create beats using the purple and green felt. Cut out a large purple circle and then cut 4 even triangles into the circle.

  • Sew triangle sections together until you have a pouch. Add poly-fil, cinch the top and tie to close off.

  • Make long beat using long leaves made from green felt, covered with a long, pointed purple stalk.

  • Insert green pipe cleaner into long leaves so they stand up straight and sew leaves and beat together.

4.Add some strawberries. Cut out a circle that resembles a strawberry (so not a perfect circle). Create a pouch that can be filled with poly-fil.

  • Sew top closed.

  • Add leafy green top by cutting out a 4-leaf top. Attach a piece of Velcro to the bottom of the leaf and the top of the strawberry. Put them together to form one strawberry.

5. Plant your garden. Stuff vegetables down in between dirt pillow rows.

  • Allow your child to plant and “un-plant” his or her garden.