How to Make Your Own Christmas Stocking out of Felt

- Sep 05, 2017-

  1. Obtain two big pieces of felt. Make sure they are big enough so that you may have the stocking size you desire. The color of the felt can be whatever shade you want.

  2. Take a marker and draw an outline of how you want your stocking to look onto one piece of felt. Get the other piece of felt and repeat this step. Be sure that you are certain about the stocking size, as once you start on it, there is no turning back!

  3. Get a different color of felt. Cut it in half to where it makes a long rectangle - long enough to go around the stocking.

  4. Take your needle and thread. Thread the needle. Sew the two halves of the stockings together from the sides.

  5. After you have sewed the two stocking halves together, make sure there aren't any big open holes. Sew them up if you discover any.

  6. Take your first long rectangle. Wrap it around the top of your stocking and sew it on.

  7. Fold the remaining top of the rectangle down and into the stocking. If there isn't any and you sewed it a little too low for that to happen, it's fine!

  8. Finished.