How to Needle Felt

- Aug 22, 2017-

1.Decide what shape you'll work on. There are lots of options to create from needle felting. As you are first beginning you should work on something that is at least three inches in diameter. Try a simple geometric shape like a:

* Triangle

* Square

* Heart

2.Acquire the materials. Some of your local crafting stores will have felting supplies, but you'll find more gear online. To begin your starter kit you'll need:

* One or two felting needles

* Wool fiber

* Foam cushion or pillow

3. Prepare the wool. Tear a sheet of wool at least half an inch thicker than your planned shape. Make sure the wool is half an inch larger on each side of the template you've created.

4. Lay the wool on the foam. You can use either a foam cushion or an old pillow. You will definitely get holes in the pillow if you go for this option, so be aware.

5. Poke the needle into the wool at random. To begin make sure the wool is positioned firmly onto the surface of your choice. Poke the wool in an up and down motion at random. You don't need to be forceful. Be sure to watch your fingers in this action

6. Outline your shape into the middle of the wool. Using straight pins, outline the shape that you've chosen. Then, use your felting needle and go along in an up and down motion along the outline. This motion will compress the fibers into the outline

7. Compress the center of the shape. Use your felting needle to go through and flatten the center of the shape. Take time going through the up and down motion until your shape comes into picture

8. Fold the excess wool. Fold the excess wool into the center. Now repeat the previous step of compressing the center of shape, this time compressing the excess into the center using your felting needle. This will create a clean and rounded edge

9.Secure the backside. Now that you have a clean looking shape, flip the wool over. Now repeat compressing all the fuzzies left behind with your felting needle.

  • Use straight pins to secure your shape down for an easier time. This will also relieve your fingers of getting stabbed.