How to Use Felt Chair Bottoms to Protect Floors

- Sep 02, 2017-

  1. Count the number of chair leg bottoms that need to be covered. Most likely, four per chair if you are trying to calculate a large number of chairs.

  2. Gather felt pieces. You will need enough felt to cover each chair leg. Purchase pre-cut felt sheets or you can simply pull remnants from your felt bag for use.

  3. Measure felt to fit chair bottoms. If you are working with an 81/2x11 pre-cut sheet, measure the felt into thirds (using your ruler and pencil). Follow the ruler with your pencil to create three distinct pieces.

  4. Cut along the pencil lines. The cuts don’t have to be perfect, but make sure you end up with three strip pieces.

  5. Fold felt in half and then place on the bottom of one chair leg. Center the felt piece so you have even overhang surrounding the bottom of the leg.

  6. Twist and affix your rubber band around the felt overhang and secure it to the leg. Twist and tie band as many times as needed for the best fit.

  7. Complete felt bottoms for the chair and then use. The felt bottoms should protect your floors until you can purchase a more attractive protection system.