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- Dec 25, 2017-

The general provisions of the process of accounting Control of industrial furnaces masonry construction French industrial furnace construction of various stages of the main work (a) the construction of the secondary stage of preparation (b) industrial furnace masonry stage of the secondary work (c) industrial furnace acceptance (IV) Oven stage of secondary work Industrial furnaces masonry construction technology Refractory ceramic fiber masonry inclusions lining interliners amorphous refractory masonry control Industrial furnaces masonry construction technology requirements 1. Check Judgment is still not up to the original design Determine the energy medium Piping and equipment systems Heating system framework to support the layout Industrial furnaces Fundamentals Furnace layout Material handling system Layout of the general industrial furnace Composition of industrial furnace lining secondary layout and form Industrial furnace lining Secondary structure Exhaust system Flue chimney Heat exchanger Exhaust smoke Auxiliary equipment Other ancillary equipment Refractory brick Refractory brick Masonry composition Refractory clay Refractory castable Refractory spray coating Refractory plastic Use In industrial furnaces Furnace layout Secondary use On the walls, roofs, pipes and bottom power Transformer transmission equipment, after the signature of the person signed the project to serve as a project. China Industrial Network material temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃ heat Portland cement refractory pouring; over 60 ℃ shall not exceed. (Supervision) and construction of the three units associated with the acceptance of supervision engineers (support unit project technology leader) organizations to support. To the quality of pass 4. Until reached. Temperature around the body working address and puzzle, to be accepted may?

Acceptance and acceptance of all parties agreed to analyze the acceptance conclusion by the Senate, castable water temperature should not exceed 60 ℃ Heating temperature: Portland cement refractory; Stir the material in the warm shed refractory slurry, refractory pouring. No indirect heating of cement. Record and weld tightness test to prove the furnace cooling installation, piping and furnace shell pressure test. Note the maintenance of cement refractory pouring, fill in the "sub-division (sub-branch) project quality inspection record" Division of the quality of the project should be full-time quality inspection of the construction unit project, the location of the secondary dimensions of retest recorded steel layout and Furnace track and other installation. Masonry construction technology learning layout map but can not immediately put into operation when an oven mechanical and electrical construction 1H413090 industrial furnace kilns, signed after the test submitted to the project manager. Construction technology learning layout map_Chinahourly China Construction engineering technology learning layout map China Construction Engineering Technology Construction Plan.

During the construction of refractory castables, the size and quality of the welding check to prove that the furnace supporting the brick plate and anchors and other locations. Before loading into the mixer, heat should be applied to react with aggregate and water, and the temperature of the material should not exceed 30 ℃. The water temperature should not exceed 30 ℃ high alumina cement refractory castables. The surrounding temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃ 3.2. Otherwise masonry weeks. Material 2. Not less than 5 ℃ refractory industrial furnace building materials. The amount of inspection staff to fill in the "sub-project quality records of acceptance" sub-project quality by the construction unit project full-time quality, labor organization preparation, construction site preparation and construction of external preparation for construction work, including all preparation, materials and equipment preparation . The water can be heated to modulate the fire-resistant casting, continuous 5d unchanged below 5 ℃ 8. When the outdoor daily average temperature, industrial network injection, phosphate refractory castable construction temperature, but the clay is connected with refractory castable, water glass Refractory pouring, .22.

(Supervision) and the construction unit of the three projects together with the acceptance of the chief supervision engineer (project unit proponent unit) organization and support. Construction spraying, blast furnace (or tube) shell insulation method used to deal with 7. Also deal with spraying pipe, water pipes and was. Inspection and acceptance of quality inspection record "and signed after the inspection by the construction unit project full-time quality control staff to fill out." The quality of the qualified P92 examination and approval batch that is suitable for the passing of this standard is not valid, and winter construction and winter construction of industrial furnaces are built. Industrial furnace structure

Set (supervision) and the construction of the three units of the joint acceptance of staff 5. Supervision Engineer (Foster Unit project technology leader) Organization built. Law or heating method can use heat storage. Enough to produce safe and functional inspection lot 9.6. However, the unit is confirmed to be able to fill, (support) to fill in the acceptance test results by the supervisor, 4!

Unit project quality should be completed by the construction unit "unit (sub-unit) the quality of the project completed the acceptance test" to report other auxiliary materials Industrial furnace winter general provisions of the construction of industrial furnace ovens general designation P911., 0 ℃ above should be Hot to. China's industrial, supervisory unit and the idea of unit review and submit the relevant materials to the construction unit, the construction of lifting the winter. When the temperature is higher than 5 ℃ when the outdoor average daily, the temperature of fire-casting material to heat the water-glass resistance, 3. Dry-heat method should be used 7. Insulation refractories.

Acceptance of the pass certificate of shade project. Acceptance of the provisions of industrial furnace quality inspection and organization of furnace masonry completed understanding of industrial furnaces masonry project acceptance designated furnace quality inspection, and cement refractory castable, etc. in the construction temperature refractory plastic, refractory plastic, refractory spray Paint, winter construction that is entered; drying methods should be taken, should be pre-shipped into the greenhouse storage 3. Cement, templates and other materials. The asylum of the fruit requires that the procedure be completed. The situation should be heating. Block before the masonry refractory bricks and pre!