Installation :Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel For Hotel And KTV

- Jul 12, 2019-

1> Typesetting Typeset and adjust polyester acoustic board to certain shape on the performed section.

2> Chamfering Either mechanical or hand-cut; recommend rigid steel ruler if you decide to cut by hand and

you’d better use imported art blade.

3> Cutting We have special chamfering tool to chamfer various bevel edge so as to meet different aesthetic

point of view.

4> Installation We mainly use glue such as spray glue, hot melt adhesive, white glue, glass glue, etc.

(according to different surface) to stick acoustic panels onto the wall. For flat cement wall, you may install

the boards directly with white glue and gun nail, which is glue-saving and time-saving.

Pasting sing-side glue on the based surface is strongly suggested as well as layering process.