Insulation Wool Felt Can Be Completely Noise-free

- Dec 20, 2017-

The horn on the road, the footsteps of the "night owl" upstairs, the sound of the music of the neighbors ... These will be upset, sleepy at all. Even I have to whisper to do things, accidentally arguing that people do not say, privacy may not have leaked, and think too much to panic ... So stop the noise pollution, so that the home environment is more quiet and comfortable, do not wait.

  Insulation wool felt is the better sound insulation material on the market. Mainly used with gypsum board with, for wall insulation and ceiling noise, but also used in pipelines, machinery and equipment noise damping damping. Acoustic felts are not felt, look completely different in appearance, light and soft felts, and thin but very heavy noise felts.

 Getting the door without a sound door is often a "mainstay" of the noise in the home, and sometimes it can be heard loudly even when it is lightly closed. This is because the door is made of a non-sound-proof material that creates such noise. "Bridge hole mechanics board" is a brand-new high-tech door core board made in Germany. Its unique tubular structure, which can effectively insulate the air, and the air in the tubular structure resembles the principle of the thermos bottle and the soundproof glass, can reach 30 to 44dB sound insulation.

  Indoor pipe completely noise! With the use of PVC pipes, its loud drainage sound can reach 60 to 70dB. The general method: the pipeline wrapped up in the middle to fill some sound-absorbing material. But the effect is very poor, the basic does not play any role. Sound insulation blanket can be used to solve such problems. The process is: cut the soundproof blanket 100mm wide strip, coated with glue on one side, spiral wrapped around the PVC pipe, which as the first layer, and then wrapped with a layer of sound absorbing material, and finally in the suction Acoustic sound outside and then wrapped a layer of acoustic blanket, this method to solve the pipeline noise is very thorough.