Iran's Handmade Carpet Industry Is In Decline

- Sep 29, 2020-

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Iran has been declining in exports and domestic sales, according to the September 7th economic online September 7th. According to the statistics of Teheran handmade carpet industry association, 90% of Iran's handmade carpets are exported to other countries. However, due to the US sanctions and epidemic situation, it is extremely difficult to transport and collect foreign exchange this year, and exports have dropped sharply. At the same time, it also affects the domestic market. Sales of handmade carpets in Iran's domestic market are down 80% this year due to rising costs, high inflation and falling purchasing power. Nevertheless, the cost of carpet production is rising instead of falling. 85% of the production cost of hand-made carpet is the wages of workers and 15% is the cost of raw materials. Due to inflation and depreciation of exchange rate, the wages of workers and the cost of imported raw materials have increased, so the price of hand-made carpet has not room luxury rugs carpet  Z_.webp.jpg