It Is Important To Choose The Quality Of Chemical Fiber Felt 1

- Jul 03, 2018-

First introduced chemical fiber felt, it is a natural or artificial processing of polymer materials as raw materials, and then through the physical and chemical processing methods and processing of the fiber in general. Chemical fiber felt is characterized by a strong stretch, moisture, to a certain length can be used for leather rolling belt, in other areas have also been fully used.

And industrial chemical fiber felt, color chemical fiber felt is also very popular, then we need to understand the common sense. Color blankets are mainly pigments and wool raw materials mixed into a variety of colors. In the current record of the most original form of the fabric can be traced back to six thousand five hundred years BC, dating back at least eight thousand years of history, when the main non-woven fabric form, these than the needle textile technology Earlier used by humans. Mao has a soft, tough character, and the fiber has a good elasticity, comfortable touch, there is a good reduction characteristics. As the wool felt processed products after folding, immediately can return to the original state, coupled with the structure of the tangent fiber tangled, after processing its characteristics can be integrated without processing as a whole, can be described as extremely convenient.

In the current market, we can easily buy a lot of wool felt, chemical fiber felt is a wide variety, can choose their own products. For many of the uneven quality of the product on the market, choose a good chemical fiber felt is also particularly important.