Lamination &Anti-slip Finishing Of Felt

- Dec 24, 2018-


We provide lamination by applying a self-adhesive layer to felt, or by connecting two materials into one. For example, felt with felt, felt with rubber, felt with foam, etc. It is possible to apply a self-adhesive backing on most of the materials we supply. Depending on the type of material requested, we are able to choose the most appropriate type of laminate tape to achieve the best adhesiveness possible.    

- Available for all thicknesses

- Roll width: max. 1500 mm

Anti-slip Finishing

In case you need to prevent felt sliding on the surface, for example, when using felt for the production of carpet or chair covers, the application of an anti-slide finish is recommended. This is achieved by applying an anti-slip substance on the felt surface.
- Available for all thicknesses
- Anti-slip finish may be produced in different styles
- Width: according to the  width of the roll available

- Minimum: 100 regular meters (possibility to combinie different colours)