Look At The Combination Of Colored Wool Felt Coaster And Carving Art

- Oct 26, 2019-

Look at the combination of colored wool felt coaster and carving art

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Colored wool felt engraved water cup mat is a common application in wool felt thermal insulation products. In the cup mat industry, wool mat also occupies its indispensable position. Next, let's learn about the characteristics of wool coasters.


As a kind of coaster, wool felt coaster has stronger plasticity than other kinds of products, which can make designers have more creative space. The soft texture but amazing resilience is suitable for industrial cutting, laser carving and other production processes.


The main function of wool pad is water absorption. As the water cup is a tool for holding water naturally, it is inevitable to spill some water during moving. Therefore, a cup pad with good water absorption can ensure the cleanness of the desktop.

Skid resistance

Due to the compact density of wool felt, the friction force of wool pad on the table surface is also more than that of other types of coasters.


Wool felt coaster has good heat preservation and insulation, which can ensure that the temperature at the bottom of the cup * is transferred to the desktop to a small extent, keep the material molecules of the desktop not deformed, and keep the temperature of the water in the cup from changing too fast.