Make a Bouquet of Felt Roses

- Aug 25, 2017-

1. Cut patterns

  • These patterns need to be connected. The left two patterns are end pieces and the next one is center piece;

2.Cut out the blank space and tape three patterns together measuring 3"*25". Cut out the right pattern for leaf;

3. Take four pipe cleaners, string a bead at the top;

  • Bend the top end and twist it to secure the bead. Twist the remaining long pipe cleaners together.

4.Make pistil

  • Cut out a small square cloth and lay the pipe cleaners with bead at the center of it;

  • Wrap the bead with cloth and tie around the bead to secure it;

  • Sew the rest of cloth around the pipe cleaners;

  • Cut out felt for petal by cutting the pattern into half.

5. Make petal

6. Cut out felt for leaf;

  • Sew blanket stitch with three strands of threads along the edge of the petal's flat side;

  • Mark seam allowance along the curve edge;

  • Sew running stitch with two strands of threads along the seam allowance.

7.Roll a flower

  • Pull the thread tightly to gather the edge when you finish the running stitch measuring 8"to 9" and knot the ends;

  • Sew running stitch along the edges and middle line of leaf, tighten the thread a little to make the leaf more lifelike;

  • Sew one end of petal on the fabric covered pipe cleaners, start to roll;

  • Secure the flower while you're rolling and make every circle slightly slower than the front one to shape naturally. Knot the end when you get a flower shape.

8. Add leaf

  • Take a long strip of cloth and sew one end to conceal the bottom of the flower for good looking;

  • Start to wrap the cloth around the long pipe cleaners with an angle;

  • Pin leaf as the picture shows when you roll a length.

9. Continue to wrap by wrapping the leaf stem and secure it;

10. Secure the cloth with the pipe cleaners by stitching with a certain interval;

11. Wrap the end a few circles and secure;

12. Repeat the whole step to make other flowers in different colors.