Making A Felt Book Cover

- Jul 02, 2018-

3. Lay the book on its spine. Fold the covers down. This will help you get an idea of how much felt you need.

The book should be centered on the felt, and should be opened and sitting flat.

4. Trace the top and bottom of the book with a fabric pencil. This tracing will tell where to fold the felt for the top and bottom. Don’t trace the vertical edges as these parts will get folded in to create flaps.

The extra width that extends past the vertical edges of the covers will turn into the flaps. If using the measurement for the felt provided above, this extra part should measure approximately 2 inches/5cm more each side.

Also add a 1/4 inch/6mm edge above and below the marked horizontal lines. This will give you extra felt to cut or fold.

5. Cut the felt piece out. Lay it down flat on the work surface.

You will now have a piece of felt that is slightly larger than your book.