Making The Best Industrial Felt In China

- Oct 16, 2019-

Different types of felt play different roles in each process. The main types of felt used in the production process of aluminum industry are: high temperature roller, seamless circular conveyor belt, felt strip, double-sided protective felt strip of loading frame, chain (heavy conveyor belt), synchronous belt, felt cover, etc.

Drum: the drum types produced by Kevlar are 600 ℃ ultra-high temperature drum, 500 ℃ high temperature drum, 280 ℃ medium temperature drum and 180 ℃ low temperature drum.

In the aluminum production process, 600 ℃ ultra-high temperature roller (ultra-high temperature roller) is suitable for use before interruption, effectively improving the scars made of graphite. Advantages: it is impossible to have the phenomenon of fluffing layer, concave convex, scaling and polluting aluminum. Its product surface is flat, excellent new technology, let you experience more durable, higher cost performance. It is especially suitable for the production of aluminum products with high requirements for electrophoretic surface and polished surface.

make the best industrial felt