Making Felt Lilacs

- Aug 17, 2017-

  1. Choose your felt. For this pattern you will be making multiple small felt flowers and attaching them in a bunch to a felt base, similar to the appearance of lilacs in real life. For a traditional lilac look, use cream fuschia, or lavender colored felt with matching thread.

  2. Cut your template. To start your flowers out, you will need to cut many small circles. Cut between 5-15 circles measuring 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter. You will also need to cut one larger circle to act as the backing. This will change in size depending on the number of blossoms you decide to create, but should be large enough that you can place all your small circles on it without seeing any edges.

  3. Cut your flowers. With your circles cut out, you can create your lilac blossoms. In each circle, cut out a rounded “+” shape to look like a lilac bud. Try to use as much of the circle as you can by cutting away a minimal amount of fabric.

  4. Sew your buds together. Arrange your small lilac blossoms over the larger felt circle you have created. Use a needle and corresponding thread to sew each blossom to the base using an “x” shape in the center of the flowers. Overlap the flowers to create texture and add a realistic appearance.

  5. Finish your bunch. As you finish sewing on all your small blossoms, tie a knot in the back of the bunch with your thread and cut the excess string. Add felt flowers if you want, but if not, enjoy your pretty new lilac blooms!