Making Felt Roses

- Aug 17, 2017-

  1. Select your felt. To create felt roses, you will need to cut large circles out of your felt. Choose any color you would like, and consider choosing additional shades of green felt to create matching leaves.

  2. Cut your felt. To start your rose, you will need to use a felt circle. It doesn’t need to be a perfect circle, so you can either trace a round object or freehand it. Make the circle anywhere from 4–10 inches (10.2–25.4 cm) in diameter depending on how large you would like your rose to be.

  3. Create a spiral. Use a pair of scissors to cut a spiral into your felt circle. Start at one edge, and cut a spiral inwards using a wavy-cut until you reach the center of the circle. Take your scissors and cut a wavy pattern around the edge of the circle as well, so that you are left with a flat, snake-like spiral.

  4. Roll up the spiral. Start at the outside edge of the spiral and begin rolling it inwards. Pinch the base of the spiral as you roll to create the base of the flower. When the spiral is completely rolled up, it will create a pretty rose shape.

  5. Secure the rose. Turn your felted rose over and use a needle and thread to stitch the spiral together. Tie a knot at one end of your thread and add several stitches to the back to keep the layers of the rose in place. Tie off your thread with a second knot, and you’re finished![1]