Man-made Cotton Creative Fabric Fabric Sales Are Active

- May 14, 2018-

Man-made cotton creative fabric fabric sales are active

       The recent market, China Textile City finished product cotton in the rotary screen printing cotton, flat screen printing cotton, carved printing cotton, digital printing cotton, embroidery cotton and other varieties, carved embroidery cotton creative innovative pattern fabric hanging The number of listed products has increased significantly, and some large-scale business outlets still have a large number of flower types listed on the spot. There are still many types of flower-type cotton fabrics distributed on the day. The active cotton, embroidered, embossed, and embroidered human cotton fabrics have successively received orders for bulk products. The total number of finished products in the overall market is still higher. There was also an increase in orders and shipments, and the locality of creative flower fabrics showed a certain degree of heavy volume growth. Compared with the previous period, there was still an increase in local transactions. However, most of the orders were concentrated in some front-end and back-factory cloth companies and large-scale business outlets. The business of some small and medium-sized business households in the market was still limited, and sales were still insufficient compared with the peak season. Some large-scale salesrooms have significantly increased the sales of color and flower patterns, which has driven market transactions to rise significantly, and there is still room for growth in sales in the afternoon.