New Arrivel Wool Pressing Mat

- Mar 31, 2020-

ACHIEVE SUPERIOR, PROFESSIONAL LOOKING RESULTS - The natural wool fibers of this premium Pressing Mat provide a perfect pressing surface for any textile work. Densely packed wool fibers are superior for heat setting and seam pressing. Reduce curling, eliminate puckering and waviness and minimize stretching.

SAVES TIME AND ENERGY - Press more in less time. Natural heat absorbing properties of this specially formulated woolen material traps and radiates heat back up through the fabric effectively ironing both sides at the same time. Flatten your work perfectly with less energy!

EASY TO USE – INSTANTLY START MAKING BETTER SEAMS - Heat-set with ease! Works like an extra-hand by grabbing the fabric to prevent sliding during pressing. Pieces are easily pinned to the mat for blocking work if desired.

VERSATILE -  Both knits and woven. Hand iron or heat press. Use on most any hard surface. Absorbs heat and moisture preventing burns and overheating of the surface below.