New: Christmas Wine Felt Bags

- Nov 01, 2018-

We have added 3 new bag models fitted with wine bags : W12, W13 and B14! These bags can be a perfect and original promotional article.

W13 is a felt bag with interesting cut. It can be used at home and for gift as well. Additionally, the handles are available in many different colors, including uncommon ones.

B14 is very spacious. Its simple design, functionality and handiness is widely complemented by home. It can be use for the Christmas  . 

B15 is a fashionable felt wine bag, that can be personalized also with thickness and color of handle. Rivets are adding character to this bag, and thanks to its simple shape it fits to every stylization.

3PC-Pack-Felt-Christmas-Wine-Bag-Festive (1)

3PC-Pack-Felt-Christmas-Wine-Bag-Festive (2)