New: Felt Garden Pot

- Dec 03, 2018-

Most people think that growing hydroponically means growing in water. Although water-based growing is one hydro method, you can also grow hydro using a felt pot, growing mix, and liquid nutrients. Using a hydro growing mix is usually easier for beginners, because it acts as a buffer against nutrient mishaps.  

To get started, you’ll need a  Felt Garden Pot. Felt pots are great for hydro gardening, because they are made of a breathable material which allows for better aeration and drainage than traditional pots.

 Felt Garden Pots come in three sizes to fit a wide range of plants. Our small felt pot is great for growing smaller plants like oregano or lettuce. You can grow medium plants like peppers, or a few small plants like swiss chard in our medium felt pot. For larger plants that need a little more space, like tomatoes or hydrangeas, you should use our large felt pot.