Non-woven Characteristics

- Aug 30, 2018-

Non-woven characteristics

    1. Light: Polypropylene resin as the main raw material, the proportion of only 0.9, only three-fifths of cotton, fluffy, feel good. The new fiber products, which are soft, breathable and planar, have the advantage of being free of lint, toughness, durability, silky softness, a reinforcing material and a feeling of cotton, compared to cotton Cloth bags easy to shape, and the cost is cheap.

Can produce industrial felt, civilian felt, military bed felt, fine white felt, gray felt, all kinds of color felt, Christmas pendant felt, miscellaneous felt, cow felt, polyester staple fiber, wool blended fiber felt, Blankets, felt seals, blankets, blankets, felt wheels, insoles and other felt products and felt pendant, as well as geotextiles, nonwovens, acupuncture blankets, acupuncture nonwovens, a total of eight major series of thousands Variety. The main purpose of the product: filter, oil absorption, shock absorption in a variety of industries such as automobiles, machine tools, aircraft, trains, ships, machinery and electrical, chemical, cement, textile and textile, good insulation and decoration in agricultural greenhouses and yurt It can also be used as lining material in furniture, clothes and shoes. It can also be used for polishing products such as marble, stainless steel, glasses and precision furniture. It is dustproof, sealed, noiseproof, heat insulation, heat preservation, insulation, shock absorbing and polishing Such as the use of good performance.

Felt Brief non-woven features: Durability, one-time. Insulation, non-conductive. Softness, stiffness. Fineness, expansibility. Isotropic,

    2. Soft: Made of fine fibers (2-3D) Hot-melt adhesive forming. Finished softness moderate, with a sense of comfort.

    3. Water repellent, breathable: Polypropylene chips do not absorb water, water content is zero, water repellency of finished product is good, it is composed of 100% fiber with porosity, good air permeability, easy to keep cloth surface dry and easy to wash.

    4. Non-toxic, non-irritating: The product uses FDA food-grade raw materials, does not contain other chemical components, stable performance, non-toxic, odor-free, does not irritate the skin.

    5. Antibacterial, anti-chemical agents: Polypropylene is a chemical blunt material, not moth-eaten, and can isolate the existence of bacteria and insects within the liquid erosion; antibacterial, alkali corrosion, the finished product does not affect the intensity due to erosion.

    6. Antibacterial. Products with water, not moldy, and can isolate the existence of liquid bacteria and insects erosion, not mildew. And in the non-toxic form into the next environmental cycle, a non-woven shopping bags can be completely decomposed within 90 days. And non-woven shopping bags can be reused more than 10 times, after the pollution of the environment was only 10% of plastic bags.