On The Use Characteristics Of Glass Cotton Mat

- May 11, 2019-

Glass wool felt is also one of the common products of felt manufacturers. The main purpose of glass wool felt is to meet the needs of large area laying. What is its use characteristics?

This felt product has the characteristics of heat preservation and insulation, as well as excellent shock absorption and sound absorption characteristics. It has good absorption effect for medium and low frequency and various vibration noise. It is conducive to reducing noise pollution and improving working environment. This material can also be tailored according to the need in the construction. It is mainly used in the indoor building, noise elimination system, transportation, refrigeration equipment and household appliances for shock reduction, sound absorption and noise reduction. The effect is very ideal. If it is glass wool felt with aluminium foil veneer, it also has strong heat radiation resistance. It is an excellent lining material for high temperature workshop, control room, machine room wall, compartment and flat roof.

The felting material with binder and curing at elevated temperature for glass wool has lighter bulk density, better resilience, cheaper price and more convenient use.