Ow To Deal With The Odor Of Felt

- Feb 28, 2019-

Because felts are low-carbon, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, more and more household goods are now using felts manufactured by felts manufacturers. But after a period of time, felts will have some odor. How should we solve this problem? Next let the felt manufacturer introduce you!

1. You can buy Refrigerator deodorant in supermarket. Fold up the blanket, bring a big plastic bag, put deodorant in the plastic bag, tie the bag mouth. In order to make the bag sealed, we can find a clamp and clamp the plastic bag mouth.

2. Newly purchased sheepskin often has an unpleasant smell. Some people expose the fur to the sunshine or soak it in boiling water. In this way, the effect of smelling is very little, and its life is vulnerable. Tell you a trick. Spray alcohol evenly on the fur and skin panels. Sprinkle a small amount of yellow rice on the fur and gently whip it or follow it with a soft brush for 1-2 times.

Felts manufactured by felt manufacturers are made of natural wool, so they are flexible, not easy to loosen and have a wide range of uses. We can choose felt products first when buying household goods.

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