Popular Of The Woollen Felt Bags 1

- Jun 25, 2018-

Felt bag is a low carbon environmental protection product approved by European and American countries. Felt is not scratched to any product. And it is also beautiful and fashionable a lot and a lot of this is the carpet *. Wool fibers have unique reducibility and elasticity, making regular regular maintenance of wool products more durable than other natural fibers and man-made fiber products. As a kind of package, chemical fiber needle punched felt bag has more plasticity than other products, so that designers can have more space. Soft but resilient amazing for industrial cutting, laser engraving and other manufacturing processes. Chemical fiber is made up of natural or synthetic polymers, which are made from raw materials, processed by chemical or physical means. The characteristics of felt are recyclability, which is very environmentally friendly. * recently, a kind of felt bag, with wool felt as the main fabric, made of leather and canvas, is becoming popular, and is becoming more and more popular.