Popular Of The Woollen Felt Bags 2

- Jun 25, 2018-

The bag made of felt material is felt bag. Most of the main material is felt, with various decorative styles such as metal and leather. 

In the increasingly personalized era, simplicity, retro, cartoon and other styles also cater to the needs of fashion personalities. Soft and tough properties, good elasticity, comfortable touch and good reducibility. Because wool felt products folded, they can quickly restore the original shape, not easy to deformation. Wool has non woven properties, formability, warmth retention, water repellency, fire resistance, color fastness, heat insulation and other high quality properties. The synthetic fiber felt is made of wool and chemical fiber products. Because of the elasticity of the felt products, it is often used as the material of shock proof and liner. It is the first to filter the products. It is the first of the filter products. It is the choice of thermal insulation material and grinding and polishing materials. The plasticity of wool refers to the property that the wool can quickly attenuate its internal stress in hot and humid conditions and change the existing form according to the external force, and then keep the shape by cooling or drying.