Principle Of Flame Retardant Effect Of Felt

- Mar 02, 2019-

When we think of felt, we should first think of thick, or flammable, because most of them are made of wool fibers. But in fact, it has flame retardant effect, which surprises us, so what is its flame retardant principle?

The vernacular meaning of flame-retardant felt is to prevent the burning of combustibles. It is mainly used in public entertainment places such as hotels. KTV. guesthouses. After decoration, it is clearly stipulated that flame-retardant materials must be used in fire control acceptance. The main purpose is to do fire prevention treatment. That is to say, if the fire is on, cover the fire with flame-retardant felt, so that the fire will not spread. Felt is usually formed by needling. Even if the surface is pressed and scalded, there are pinholes, and it is cut in the middle. It is more obvious that the cloth surface and the cross-section are perpendicular to the stretching phenomenon of chemical fibers. The needling felt is too thick and has stratification phenomenon, because it is a combination of several layers of needling.

So in fact, the felt that we often see in public has the characteristics of fire fighting. Of course, the premise is that on the basis of quality assurance, inferior products not only can not extinguish fire, but also may fill fire.