Polyester Soundproof Felt Advantages(2)

- Jul 11, 2019-

4. Fireproof property

Tengyin polyester fiber acoustic panel tested by National Fire Decetions Testing Center, the panel complies with the B1 grade requirements of GB8624-20012 standard. So our acoustic panel can be used in the public places which have the high requirements on the fire protection, such as Theaters, Dance halls, Auditorium, Multi-purpose hall, Gymnasium, Recording studios, Monitoring rooms, Conference rooms, Exhibition halls, KTV rooms, and so on.


5. Security property

Thanks to its excellent physical property, polyester fiber acoustic panel has no risk of falling and hurting people. Tested by National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials, PET acoustic panel's formaldehyde release quantity is 0.1 and complies with the E1 grade requirements of GB18580-2001 standard.