Production History Of Felt

- Jan 14, 2020-

The working people of our country started the production of felt products thousands of years ago. According to Zhou Li, ShuoWenJieZi and other records, "Zhou official's palm skin is used as felt". By the Han Dynasty, the felt making technology had further development. Wang Zhaojun, the emperor of the Han and Yuan Dynasties, married Shan Yu, a Xiongnu, who once said that "felt is the account of Hu land". In the song and verse of the 18th clap of Hu Jia, written by Cai Wenji in the Eastern Han Dynasty, there is a saying "felt fur for clothes".

After the felt making technology was introduced into the Central Plains, it was further expanded to be used in combination with the local embroidery technology. The felt used for tents was called "tent felt". What is laid on the bed is called "Zhang felt". Thin and soft clothing is called "clothing felt". The thin felt decorated with beautiful patterns is called "Hua felt". It's said that Hua felt is light. Guangzhi records that Qiang girls use it to make festival costumes.

In Tang and Five Dynasties, there was a special felt workshop in China. In the Yuan Dynasty, there were more than 20000 factories. At that time, the main felt products were felt, flower lined felt, yurt, felt shoes and so on.

In the feudal society and semi feudal and semi colonial old China, the production mode, equipment and technology of felt production were very backward. Before liberation, all domestic industrial felt had to be imported.

After the founding of the people's Republic of China, the vast number of employees in the felt industry reformed the process and manufacturing equipment, so that the felt products that used to rely on imports can now be produced in large quantities, with a substantial increase in output, a steady increase in quality and a continuous increase in varieties. With the rapid development of China's wool textile industry and in-depth research on wool fiber materials, the development of felt industry has been promoted.

After the reform and opening up, China not only produces all kinds of industrial felt, but also can produce high-grade special felt products. According to statistics, there are more than 3000 kinds of felt products that can be produced in China now. It has made certain contributions to the development of China's aerospace, national defense industry, machine manufacturing, petrochemical industry, transportation, electromechanical electronics, pharmaceutical students, light textile industry and other fields. In the great process of building a socialist market economy, with the progress of science and technology, China's felt manufacturing industry will develop at a faster speed!