Quality Felt In Five Points

- Dec 21, 2018-

If you are a common consumer or a businessman impressed by this versatile fabric, find out something more about it in five points.

1-mm-thick-wool-felt-customized-product (1)

The Quality of Felt = the Quality of Component Fibres

The product components mostly affect the characteristics of the final product. What makes felt so uniquely remarkable?

In the case of needle felt it is the combination of the wool with synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon. Because of included synthetic fibres, the felt should be high-strength and be highly resistant what is appreciated in steel and automotive industry. Felt’s superior characteristics make it resistant to heat, mildew, water, shrinking and have long term durability. Fibres eventually make your life easier.

The Good felt Is the Resistant Felt

Undoubtedly, one of the key benefits of felt is its resistance. What is better than to be aware of superior protection of felt for your roof, floor or maybe a musical instrument? The versatility of this kind of felt is uncountable, from cars to airplanes. When you are in mist of daily errands you will appreciate high resistant felt accessories and its supplements.

The Friend of High Temperature

In the process of needle felt manufacturing (including self-adhesive felt), a special high thermal resistant fibres may be included that are able to protect felt from temperatures above 2,000°F. These excellent properties are typical for Nomex fiber, as well as Kevlar or Aramid fibres ensuring extreme thermal protection. You can find self-adhesive felt rolls, wheels or cubes outfitted with self-adhesive bottom, helpful to protect your smooth surface from scratches.


As the size, color or thickness of felt vary depending on proposed use, so does the density other components vary of felt and on its characteristics. For example that means higher density is better in making washers and lower density is accepted deadening.

Tip at the End

Make yourself aware about the kind of felt usefulness and choose company who you trust. Refima gives you an individual approach and adapts to your expected preferences.