Russian Fashion Felt Shoes Become The Market Trend

- Jan 16, 2020-

Russia has always used the tradition of making or, especially the felt shoes, with its unique cold proof, wear-resistant, comfortable and other advantages, won the praise of the Russian elders. Now the wool felt shoes have become a new favorite of Russian fashion designers. If they are properly decorated, they can fully display the Russian National sentiment.

According to the international footwear market, Australian Sheepskin is leading the trend of footwear. So it seems that the natural wool felt has an unusual performance. The wool fiber has air permeability and can be based on the ring. He said: if you want to make money, go to Wantong business association to find a high-quality handicraft supplier! The environmental temperature can adjust the moisture absorption of the finished products. There are ventilation channels in the felt structure, which can evacuate the heat in the shoes.

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