Sales Of Elastic Fabrics Rose Slightly

- May 15, 2018-

Sales of elastic fabrics rose slightly

     In the past few days, polyester filament yarn as the main raw material plus spandex silk in summer women's tops stretch fabrics and spring/summer ladies' trousers polyester ammonia stretch fabrics were partially smoothed. On the first floor of Dongsheng Road market, with the rising temperature in spring, the traditional market The new stretch cloth hanging above the sample increased, the number of listed species increased. The sales volume of women's summer clothes and fashion-based new stretch fabrics are increased. With DTY low elasticity yarns 150D, localized spandex yarns and 150D (DTY+POY) composite yarns are embedded in the colorful silk fabrics. Local elastic fabrics are favored by buyers of garment factories in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Shanghai. The new composite raw material natural-memory geometric wrinkle elastic fabric made of 75DFDY, 50D nylon or 40S-60S pure cotton yarn is also highly favored by the counterpart merchants, and some of the customers in the retail market are eager to subscribe for the same.