Satin To Create Characteristic Tourism Products

- Jan 15, 2020-

"The things embroidered in the past are mainly for home use, just look good. Now I want to think more about how to make tourists look good and sell at a good price after embroidering." On July 15, Aerman, a Kazak woman from Sangonghe Township, who had just participated in a series of Folk Handicraft Exhibition activities in Fukang, Xinjiang, told reporters.

Aerman told reporters that most of the bedding, pillow towels and other items in her home are hand embroidered. Kazakh women in satin, woolen, leather, felt with pick, thorn, embroidery, mending, hook and other technological processing of decorative patterns, ingenious ideas, colorful, beautiful and generous, deeply loved by domestic and foreign tourists. In Sangonghe Township, there are eighty or ninety embroiderers like her. Since March this year, she has participated in five embroidery training courses organized by Fukang City, and the city has confiscated her tuition fees and accommodation fees. Last year, she earned 2000 yuan on embroidery. This year, her income should be higher.

In order to promote and develop the folk art of ethnic minorities and extend the tourism industry. Since last year, Fukang City, through the establishment of the national embroidery Association, has adopted the combination of going out and inviting in training mode, held "national embroidery training course", carried out skilled hands competition and other activities, guided Kazakh "embroiderers" to broaden their horizons, improve their technology, trained a large number of women's skilled embroiderers, and promoted the development of characteristic tourism products. At the same time, a national embroidery exhibition hall will be built to push folk handicraft products to Tianchi tourism market, which will become a bright spot for Kazakh herdsmen to increase their income.