Several Important Points For Maintenance Of Wool Felts

- Jun 15, 2019-

For the more practical wool felt anti-skid material in our life, besides paying more attention to the use of norms, we should also pay unified attention to the most correct maintenance methods, because these two aspects are important factors to effectively ensure the safe use of the product, so today we will come together to understand the following, about the product in the correct maintenance of the matters needing attention.

In the way of cleaning, don't choose to wash with washing machine in order to save time. Washing with washing machine is very powerful, which can easily cause damage to wool products. Therefore, hand washing must be done when cleaning, and not vigorously rubbing, nor brushing with hard hair brush. The dirty part only needs gently rubbing, only in this way can it keep the original appearance of wool felt.

Only more careful maintenance, then can effectively improve the skid resistance of wool felt, so for each operator, first of all, we should pay more attention, and then effectively improve the good use of the product, so for the above we give you the relevant introduction, hope to play a role in helping you understand.

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