Share Wool Felt Insole Buy Tips

- Dec 01, 2017-

First of all, we want to see is the thickness of insoles, general cloth or fiber insoles can not be too thin, too thin padded shoes inside the back legs are not comfortable, unless your shoes buy a little smaller. Next, we want to see whether the sweat, which is the main ingredient, the general cloth insoles often need to wash, this mainly rely on cloth sweat, bamboo charcoal or other fibers do not often wash, but can be worn for several pairs. What we need to look behind is the degree of softness and hardness of the insoles. If the insoles are too soft or even thin, it is easy to wrinkle, causing the insoles to shrink and eventually leaving your feet unbearable. But insoles too hard nor too hard will lead to foot pain, my feet already have a very thick cocoon, and every time you buy a hard toe foot pain. Too soft is easy to wrinkle, wear uncomfortable, so to choose soft and hard moderate, and workmanship requires fine, can not be exposed outside, but can not have a good place to sew, because the feet often exercise, and Friction is relatively large, if there is a thread or a good place to suture so soon worn.

Finally, there is a point that you can choose a little smaller than their shoes slightly insoles, but the deviation can not be too large, after the gap down insole control in 2 - 3 mm is appropriate, if the insole is completely consistent with the shoes, then take Insoles will be more trouble, you need to have longer nails to remove. In fact, a variety of insoles on the market at present, in general, regular exercise, easy to sweat the foot to choose slightly thick and absorbent sweat insole is appropriate, in winter and summer there are some differences in summer, , While in winter you can choose to absorb sweat warm, winter insoles also need to pay attention to things can not be a pair of insoles long-term wear, try to buy more to buy a few pairs for wear. In so many insoles I wear in general to wear a longer wear life of the insoles, the same paragraph if the insoles have not changed quickly will be broken, wear the fastest time is a pair of insoles in three days, of course, this also I have a certain relationship with running.