Short Term Caprolactam Sees Weak Downward Expectations

- Oct 16, 2018-

  1. yesterday's market situation:

Yesterday (October 15, 2018), the domestic liquid caprolactam spot market price range volatility, liquid spot market transaction price reference 17500-17800 yuan / ton. Domestic pure benzene spot price is strong, caprolactam cost support is still acceptable, profit value has declined; some manufacturers overhaul plan slightly delayed, the overall industry is running at a high rate; downstream conventional spinning chip demand is weak, some manufacturers offer price downward, more recent overhaul enterprises, demand for caprolactam There was a slight decrease in the volume, and a heavy wait-and-see mentality in the field.

2. upstream market:

(1) International crude oil closing on October 15: Saudi journalist disappearance and deterioration of relations with Western countries, the geographic situation to support a small increase in international oil prices. However, IEA lowered the expected growth rate of crude oil demand and restrained the increase. WTI71.78 rose 0.44 US dollars / barrel; Brent 80.78 increased 0.35 US dollars / barrel. China's SC main force fell 1812 to 1 yuan to 569.4 yuan / barrel, and 1811 fell 1.8 to 567.9 yuan / barrel in recent months.

(2) Asian pure benzene closed Oct. 15 at $828.17-829.17 per ton FOB South Korea, down $1 per ton from the previous trading day.

3. short-term forecasts:

Short term caprolactam market is expected to see weaker downside expectations. (I suggest paying attention to factory start-up and price change).