Smooth Summer Fabric Sales

- May 18, 2018-

Smooth summer fabric sales

      Recently, the sales of China Textile City Market are still relatively active. The domestic demand market is booming. In spring and summer, the fabrics of various types are interacting with each other. The sales of thin summer fabrics are still active. The volume of market transactions has been deterred after the holiday from the “May 1st” to the post-holiday period. In the upward trend, the summer fabrics of partial fabrics interacted with knitted fabrics. The sales of many kinds of women's printed fabrics continued to go smoothly. The daily transactions were multi-faceted and interactive. The marketing advantages of creative pattern fabrics continued to be prominent, and a variety of fabrics were still actively traded. . In the post-holiday market, polyester 118DFDY filament printed double-faced elastics continued to dominate the sales of summer knitted fabrics. 118DFDY knitted double-faced elastic T-shirt printed fabrics and FDY jet-printed printed chiffon and printed cotton fabrics were sold in different styles. Flower fabric sales are still promising. The spot sales of summer knitted fabrics and jet-weaving fabrics by small and medium-sized business households in the traditional trading area of China Textile City were quite smooth, and a variety of pattern fabrics were more popular.

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